Always Learning: Innovations in the Workplace of the Future

innovations Everbright

At Kinzer Partners, we help clients find the best space for their business by learning how they need to use their space, the culture and environment they wish to promote (ping pong tables vs. board room tables), and staying on top of the latest innovations.

Yes, we know innovation is a nebulous concept these days. So here are some examples:

So when BISNOW Seattle asked us to be a sponsor at the July 19th panel Seattle Workplace of the Future we jumped on board. The breakfast session promises to bring together a panel of experts to “discuss the ways in which tech is influencing the modern office, the demands of today’s tenants and how developers are responding.” We intend to pay close attention to see what we can add to our playbook! Stay tuned for our breakdown of what we learned coming at the end of the month.

Photo: Everbright hanging in the Kinzer Partners office

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