CTI & Fred Hutch: Partners in Innovative Scientific Research

On October 1st, Kris Richey Curtis attended a celebration of the establishment of the CTI BioPharma fellowship and endowment fund for Fred Hutch:

Kinzer has worked with both CTI and Fred Hutch, so it was particularly exciting to see the collaboration between the private and non-profit sectors. Dr. Gary Gilliland, the newly appointed President of the Hutch, spoke about the importance of connections, collaboration, and innovation in the field of scientific research. CTI’s CEO Jim Bianco, who in his early days was a fellow at the Hutch, was thrilled to provide fellowship funding to foster an international collaboration in translational research, and to support advancements in immunobiology and in hematology to find new cures for blood-related cancers.

Karen Moyer toasted and welcomed an eclectic group including former Mayor Charles Royer, movie costume designers, business community leaders, and government officials. The event was held at Osteria Rigoletto, a cool Italian restaurant that opened last year in the heart of the Amazon campus in SLU.

Photo: Dr. Gary Gilliand, President & Director, Fred Hutch (left) and Dr. Jim Bianco, CEO, CTI BioPharma (right)