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It’s more than your space. It’s your future.

We love it when a company finds the perfect office space. We love it when management can afford a better location than they ever dreamed possible. We love it when employees can’t wait to be at work in a fabulous environment that surrounds them. And we love it when a company’s real estate helps the business grow year after year.

We measure our success by our clients’ success.

That’s the guiding principle that helped Craig Kinzer found Kinzer Partners more than a quarter of a century ago. Instead of focusing everything around transactions—as most brokers do—our focus is on genuinely understanding each client’s mission, culture, goals, and strategies. Then we find Seattle office space ideal for them and their company’s future.

“At Kinzer, we don’t think of ourselves as individual brokers. We work as a team. And clients get better results because of our teamwork.”

Shelley Gill, Kinzer Partner

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Over the past 25 years, Kinzer has helped place more corporations into new headquarters than any Seattle-area competitor.

“We were really impressed with Kinzer’s ability to take our vision and bring it to life.”

John Gabbert, CEO & Founder, PitchBook Data, Inc.

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