PCC moves to Interbay and triples the size of its HQ

PCC moves to Interbay and triples the size of its HQ

Coral Garnick, Staff Writer
Puget Sound Business Journal

PCC was able to sublease the space and get “really bargain rates,” Hardy said, which is important because as a co-op PCC is on a tighter budget. She said she even got a lot of the office furniture from consignment stores and Ikea to save money, but still make a “lovely space where people could work well.”

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While we might not physically be sitting at our desks, we are still connected and available to assist you with any commercial real estate struggles you are having. We’d venture to say our work from home (WFH) dress codes might be ten times better than that in the office! A small solace during this crazy time.

If you have questions on anything regarding your real estate and how it is/has/will be changing in the current environment, don’t hesitate to reach out. We might not have all the answers but we will navigate the unknown right alongside you, offering support and virtual HH drinks when needed.

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