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Kinzer is a relatively small commercial real estate firm based in Seattle. But we have a large reach and a substantial reputation for working on big, complex projects.  

Craig Kinzer got his start in commercial real estate in 1985. He founded what is now called Kinzer Partners in 1992, more than a quarter of a century ago.

Downtown Seattle. More specifically, Kinzer’s office is in the incredibly dynamic neighborhood of South Lake Union, home to many of Seattle’s high-tech companies.

  • Professional Services Platform. We are built on a consulting style platform. That means we focus on projects as an integrated team versus competing against each other for business.
  • Depth of Experience. It goes without saying that our team is made up of experts in commercial real estate. But they are also experts in law, accounting, finance, appraisal, research, and hospitality. We have as many analysts, attorneys, and CPAs as we have licensed brokers.
  • Relational Approach. Uniquely personal and extremely professional, relationship-based client service is the Kinzer signature. We take the time to build a connection with each client, learn their business, and understand their mission.
  • Project Selectivity. Kinzer is not a volume brokerage; we are selective in the assignments we pursue. We choose work where we can make a significant impact through creative and strategic thinking for clients that have great brands and similar core values.

Greater Seattle. By that we mean that Seattle is our center of gravity, but we also handle projects ranging from Bellevue to the east, Everett to the north, and Tacoma to the south.

We’re teamed up with Exis Global Representation, a network of independent tenant representative brokerage firms like us. If one of our clients has needs around the country or around the world, we can help. See more about Exis and our partnership here.

We’re commercial real estate advisors for a wide variety of clients, ranging from emerging startups to major corporations. We’ve also done a great deal of work with non-profits, universities, research organizations, and government agencies. We don’t really have a niche, but if we did, it would probably be company headquarters office relocations. We have more headquarters experience than any local competitor.

We primarily focus on tenant representation. So a tenant/landlord conflict-of-interest has never been a problem for our clients. To be clear, we work in capital markets. But we do not have a developer agency or landlord listing practice, and we have no plans to add one.

Essentially, any commercial real estate problem that tenant clients have, they hire us to solve it. That’s usually office tenant representation, consulting, strategic planning, and portfolio management and optimization. Recently, we’ve also added capital market investment services. See more about our services here.

We communicate, we process, we deliver. Kinzer excels at financial and qualitative analysis that provides solid data. We then simplify the complex through visual communications. For more than 25 years, we have specialized in creating consensus among decision makers by using customized tools that we’ve created in-house. All of this leads to discovering, strategizing, creating, negotiation, and executing the best value for our clients.

It’s a given that Kinzer has a knowledge of the Puget Sound area real estate markets. But it’s our connection to our community that sets us apart. We hold dearly the vast number of trusted relationships we’ve built and refined through the years. These relationships go far beyond the real estate industry. Members of our team are involved in various non-profit and industry boards; they give speeches and lectures at professional events and universities. In addition, they provide services for non-profits and projects in their neighborhoods.

How do you prove trustworthiness? It’s not an easy task. Yet, it’s one of the most important attributes our team brings to any assignment. Over the years, we have earned the trust of not only our clients, but also Seattle’s developers, landlords, industry partners, politicians, civic and business leaders. We think the best measure of trust isn’t what we say about ourselves, but rather what our clients say about us.

Most real estate projects have a few obvious answers. At Kinzer, we dig deeper. We listen very carefully to our clients; then we genuinely seek creative solutions and negotiation leverage that other Seattle-area brokers often fail to see.

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