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Colin Overland


Colin Overland

Quick Facts

I would have liked to be a computer nerd, but I settled for financial analyst.

Favorite movie: He’s Just Not That Into You
What is always in your fridge? Mold
First job: Son at the Overland household


Contact Info

Colin Overland. Full time analyst. Part time humorist.

Colin is a study in contrasts. At Kinzer, he’s known for two things: Taking his job absolutely seriously, and being serious about nothing else.

He grew up near Seattle. After earning a business degree in finance, Colin went to work as an analyst at JP Morgan. Since coming to Kinzer in 2015, Colin has earned a reputation as a “go-to” numbers guy because of the quality of his analyses.

Colin sees the world through the prism of spreadsheets, but he also cares about a project’s end result. And he has the rare ability to translate raw data into commercial real estate concepts and language that anybody can understand.

When asked about outside interests, Colin says “I’m one of the lucky ones who have careers that are also favorite hobbies. I spend a lot of time reading about and researching markets and investments.”

Oh, yeah, he also excels in the boxing ring.

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