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Craig Kinzer


Craig Kinzer

Quick Facts

My alphabet soup: BA, MBA, JD, CPA.

Favorite passport stamp: China in 1978
First job: Paperboy
In another life I was: Leonardo DaVinci’s assistant


Contact Info

He’s managed more than $15 billion in transactions over 38 years. Not a bad start.

He never calls himself founder, boss or CEO. He refers to himself as one of Kinzer’s partners. That says a world about Craig Kinzer’s egalitarian management philosophy: Everyone counts; everyone contributes; and everyone is a member of the same team.

Having said that, Craig’s name is on the door, and there is no question about who our leader is.

After graduating summa cum laude from California Lutheran University, where he was student body president and a star football player, Craig earned his law degree and MBA in finance at the University of Washington. Then, while working for an accounting firm, he also became a CPA.

Craig started Kinzer Partners in 1992 with the idea of working side-by-side with the smartest people in the real estate industry. He concentrated on combining a comprehensive understanding of each client’s mission and state-of-the-art analytics with visionary thinking. The results have been truly creative solutions for a large number of Seattle’s most complex commercial real estate challenges.

In addition to helping many clients succeed in real estate, Craig has helped many children succeed in life. He and his wife, Danna, have raised six kids, including two foster children. Craig has been a strong supporter of community youth programs, as well. He coached youth and high school football for years. And he’s served on many non-profit and civic boards such as Seattle Children’s Hospital and Mariners’ T-Mobile Park.

Today, if you’re out near Lake Sammamish, you might find Craig hiking or playing neighborhood basketball.