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Jenny Jansen Weise

Director of Marketing

Jenny Jansen

Quick Facts

Over 20 years of visual storytelling.

Nickname: J-Bird, Jennyfromtheblock, JJ
What five things are always in your fridge: Ketchup, Diet Pepsi, pickles, sparkling water, cheese
Favorite movie: Say Anything


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Our marketing leader and champion herder of cats.

Jenny Jansen Weise is the ultimate team player, and she has a hand in almost everything going on at Kinzer. For example, she helps put together practically all of our client presentations. She’s also responsible for all media, including advertising, marketing materials, website development, and public relations.

After attending Eastern Washington University, Jenny worked in radio, engineering, and hospitality. Then, 15 years ago, she got her first job in commercial real estate and knew that that was her future.

Jenny is particularly adept at bringing information to life, especially analysis and financial models. She says, “I take complicated data and loads of information and distill it all down into a visual form that’s easy to understand.” Craig calls it communication design, and he says there is no one any better at it.

Outside of work, Jenny spends a lot of time with family and friends—she’s called “Auntie” by 16 kids being raised by her closest friends. To name just a few of her other interests, Jenny loves travel, Mexican food, home décor, and binge-worthy movies.




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