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Joseph E. Brotherton


Joe Brotherton

Quick Facts

I can leverage my training in law and accounting to provide a level of service above that of the competition.

Favorite NW place: Doe Bay on Orcas Island
Favorite movie: Meet the Parents
Favorite passport stamp: Jordan

Contact Info

He wears two hats. One says “Attorney.” The other “CPA.” He loves them both.

Every now and then, you’ll hear someone described as having a mind like a steel trap. That could have been written specifically for Joe Brotherton.

Joe studied accounting at Loyola Marymount and law at the University of Washington. With knowledge of both business and law, Joe has the bandwidth to handle our most complex and challenging real estate projects.

He says, “The approach that Kinzer takes to clients and assignments drew me to this firm. Many of us at Kinzer are cross trained in more than one field. This leads to creative approaches and solutions that other firms can’t offer.”

Outside of the office, Joe loves to hike, snowboard, and travel—he’s been to 25 countries. But mostly, Joe and his wife Allison spend their time working at the most rewarding job in the world: raising their young daughter.

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