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Kelley Sigl


Kelley Sigl

Quick Facts

I’m focused on helping tech tenants, venture-backed, and growth stage companies align their space needs with their strategic planning.

Outside of work, I: Practice yoga and try to get to Montana as often as possible.
In another life I was: Probably a bird
Favorite passport stamp: Istanbul, Turkey

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Once you get in touch with Kelley, you’ll stay in touch.

Kelley is a people person. Naturally outgoing, she loves connecting with people and people love her back. She says, “My friends and family are most important to me. I place a lot of value in my relationships, both personally and professionally.”

At the age of 19, Kelley began working in commercial real estate while a student at the University of Washington. After graduation, she went to work for both real estate firms and tech startups. She spent two years at The Staubach Company, five years at Washington Partners, and two years at Pitchbook Data.

Her next step was to combine her knowledge of real estate, venture capital, and the tech sector by becoming a broker at Kinzer Partners. She is especially focused on entrepreneurial tech startups in Seattle and Bellevue as they align their real estate needs with projected growth strategies.

Like most brokers, Kelley is naturally competitive. Earlier in life, for example, she competed and placed nationally in judo tournaments. Sometimes she still dabbles in jiu jitsu and boxing. And in recent years, Kelley has learned to love yoga—both as a practitioner and instructor.

After moving from Houston to Vashon Island as a child, Kelley has always lived in and around Seattle, and never expects to leave. But she’s developed a fondness for the state of Montana, as well. And whenever she visits, she takes along her rescue dog named King.

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