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Nicole Pettigrew


Nicole Pettigrew

Quick Facts

I like putting a plan into action. One of my favorite sayings is “A goal without a plan is just a wish!”

Hometown: Steilacoom, WA
In another life I was: A stubborn princess from one of my sappy romance novels.
What five things are always in your fridge: Wine, cheese, wine, cheese, wine.

Contact Info

If you could bottle enthusiasm, intelligence, and a fanatical ability to plan, you’d call it Nicole.

Nicole Pettigrew is our organizational expert, strategic planner, head cheerleader, sainted aunt, and Marine drill sergeant—all in one. She’s responsible for everything that Kinzer people need to get their jobs done.

More specifically, Nicole oversees all support staff (non-brokers). She’s in charge of company morale, culture, and events. Just as important, she’s the liaison between Craig and all the other areas of the firm (broker operations, analysis, marketing, communications). She also helps Craig make decisions and informs him of daily operations so he’s always in the know.

Nicole earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Washington. After school, she worked as an administrative manager at Russell Investments. For several years, she also worked at State Farm Insurance, where she was responsible for the training of every new agent on the West Coast.

Outside of the office, Nicole is all about family.

Along with her husband, Eric, and three grown children, Nicole has a large, extended Seattle-area family. In addition, she is passionate about her work with CASA, as a volunteer guardian ad litem with the King County court system, working with kids in the foster care system.

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