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Shelley Gill


Shelley Gill

Quick Facts

I am passionate about delivering measurable value for my clients.

Alma mater: University of Washington
In another life I was: Super fit
Favorite movie: Rear Window


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Shelley sees things that many other brokers can’t even imagine.

She is always asking questions. She is always looking at the big picture. She is always searching for new opportunities, new possibilities, new solutions.

A University of Washington graduate who majored in business, Shelley started working with Craig as a financial analyst back in 1990. From 1995 to 2005, she was a broker and office leasing specialist at Trammel Crow Company. For the last 15 years, she’s been working again with Craig to help lead Kinzer Partners.

Today, Shelley specializes in tenant rep, site selection, and strategy. Like everyone at Kinzer, she works on a wide variety of projects, but above all, she’s known for her long-term relationship with Seattle Children’s, and for the headquarter relocations of F5 and Russell Investments.

Along with her husband and teen-age daughter, Shelley likes to travel and experience different cultures. In particular, she loves all things Italian. Favorite destination: Positano, Italy.

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