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Stuart V. Williams


Stuart Williams

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I gravitate toward complex deals with people who are fun to work with.

Nickname: Every derivation of Stuart/Stu including SweetStu, Stewie, Stups
Theme song: Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins
In another life I was: A circus performer

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He’s only six feet tall. But in real estate circles, he’s seen as a giant.

If you’re involved with commercial real estate in Greater Seattle, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Stuart Williams.

He has consistently ranked among this area’s top sales and leasing brokers for more than three decades. In that time, he’s helped clients with leasing transactions that exceed six million square feet and investment sales valued at more than $5 billion.

Some of Stuart’s leasing projects, for example, include F5 Tower, 1201 Third Avenue, US Bank Centre, and Century Square. He’s also helped with the sales of Safeco Tower, Westlake Steps, and Blanchard Plaza.

After graduating from Claremont McKenna College and Harvard Business School, Stuart began working alongside Craig Kinzer and Shelley Gill at the Norman Company. About the time Craig founded Kinzer Partners as a tenant rep brokerage firm, Stuart started his own brokerage firm, Pacific Real Estate Partners. Eventually, he sold his company to Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), where he became the market leader and managing director of the Seattle office.

Stuart is known for making complex real estate deals simple to understand. His particular expertise includes the sale, debt, equity and joint-venture financing for commercial properties such as office buildings.

Stuart has three kids who are all in their early 20s. When he’s not working, you’ll often find him playing golf or tennis, or riding his Peloton.

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While we might not physically be sitting at our desks, we are still connected and available to assist you with any commercial real estate struggles you are having. We’d venture to say our work from home (WFH) dress codes might be ten times better than that in the office! A small solace during this crazy time.

If you have questions on anything regarding your real estate and how it is/has/will be changing in the current environment, don’t hesitate to reach out. We might not have all the answers but we will navigate the unknown right alongside you, offering support and virtual HH drinks when needed.

Wishing you safety, health and ask you to keep washing those hands!

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