What Our Clients Say

We are proud to have worked with some of the most innovative corporate,
public and non-profit organizations in the Pacific Northwest.

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“Kinzer’s strategic approach and in-depth understanding of the life sciences market allowed us to quickly dispose of our excess lab space during a time when there was limited demand. We are very pleased with the results and look forward to working with Kinzer on future engagements.”

– Randy Main, Vice President & CFO, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

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"Most real estate people are transaction-driven. Kinzer is relationship-driven. In this environment, when you meet someone who’s interested as much in the relationship as in the transaction, that’s a rarity, an anomaly."


– Howard Schultz, CEO, Starbucks


"Kinzer was an invaluable partner throughout our project, with conceptual planning, ensuring stakeholder involvemenet, coodination additional servides, and ultimately securing a fantastic deal. Everything they did demonstrated their commitment: follow-up and follow-through on every detail, proactively shaping creative solutions, and providing sound advice every step of the way."


- Mike Stevens Director, The Nature Conservancy, Director - Washington Program


“Our corporate office had been at the same location for over 25 years, and a move was a daunting prospect. Kinzer Partners not only guided us through a complicated process, they did great work on our behalf – they made it easy and even fun!”


- Cate Hardy, CEO, PCC Natural Market


“We love the way business is done in Seattle, the personal style the level of integrity that seems to pervade this community. I think the Kinzer team represents that. We partner a lot because we think alike. We come to work everyday thinking about the needs of our clients”

– Scott Wyatt, Partner/Chairman, NBBJ

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“We were really impressed with Kinzer’s ability to take our vision and bring it to life. When we came to them with a tight timeline and big plans to relocate our headquarters to meet the needs of our quickly-growing company, they were able to help us understand our real estate needs, present us with a diverse mix of options and ultimately negotiate and sign a lease for a terrific space that will meet our needs for years to come.”


– John Gabbert, CEO & Founder, PItchBook Data, Inc.


“The Kinzer team led us through a complex process to help ensure that our headquarters decision was in line with our business vision. Their strategic guidance and ability to manage the project through an evolving real estate market, multiple jurisdictions, were critical to reaching our optimal solution; they always exceeded our expectations.”


–Andrew Doman, Former CEO, Russell Investments


"Kelley and Adam at Kinzer Partners did an outstanding job on every level, and the results speak for themselves; we found an office that we are happy with."


– Raman Narayanan, Vice President, Grab Technologies

Port of Seattle Logo“When you work with Kinzer on an assignment, you can be assured that you’re going to get the focus of the whole team, who brings ton of experience, attention, creativity, and focus you really need to get an assignment done.”

– Mark Griffin, Former Real Estate Manager, Port of Seattle


“Kinzer always has their client’s best interests at heart. You can really trust them to always provide the best possible results, whether they execute to a solution, create an opportunity, or usually both."


– Paul Berger, Former Director, Hospital Central Services Association


"Since Kinzer organized the acquisition of a one-million-square-foot Class-A high-rise office building at fifty-cents on the dollar for the City of Seattle, I knew the they could serve the foundation by successfully working through a complex public process with many different stakeholders...and I was right.”


– Martha Choe, Former CAO Gates Foundation

City of Seattle


“The Kinzer team continues to exceed my expectations, especially when it comes to getting results on complex, challenging projects involving many stakeholders. Kinzer’s credibility with all the decision-makers allows everyone to reach consensus and set for the best possible outcome.”


–Honorable Greg Nickels, Former Mayor, City of Seattle


“The Kinzer team delivers real estate solutions that match our innovative spirit. I was impressed with their ability to stay nimble, truly adapting to our fiercely data-driven culture and decision-making process.”

– Geoff Deane, VP of Engineering, Intellectual Ventures Laboratory


“The Kinzer team’s reputation for excellence is well-deserved; their intelligence, experience and commitment to quality are apparent to all who work with them.”


– Kathy Brown, Director, Facilities Management Division, King County


“In my opinion, Kinzer is the most trusted name in Seattle real estate. Kinzer understood our needs and masterminded our move with precision—all during the toughest market conditions.”


– Richard Lancaster, Founder, CobWeb


“Kinzer provided an excellent perspective and worked with us side by side like partners to solve our real estate challenges."


– Dan Levitan, Managing Partner, Maveron, LLC

mckinstry-logo“The Kinzer Team doesn’t think anything is impossible. They like to challenge themselves and think of things that people don’t think of, solutions that seem like they would be impossible but with the right type if innovation and the right kind of controlling, we can make it work.”

– Dean Allen, CEO, McKinstry


“Our selected site was being strongly pursued by multiple groups, and it was a sublease which requires a more complex negotiation process. Kinzer Partners did a splendid job in shepherding the project along, especially with three parties involved. With Kinzer’s help, we received below market rates, and additional signage and renewal option rights from the landlord.”


– Randy Lee, CFO, PCC Natural Markets


“Kinzer’s wise counsel and negotiating savvy earned our eternal gratitude. They made the process a pleasure in spite of the immense challenges we faced as a nonprofit organization.”


– Steve Leahy, Former President, Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

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“Kinzer is, of course, well known for their work in placing the finest of our corporate citizens into new space. What is less known is their overarching commitment to our community. Whether supporting our library system or helping to promote the causes of local and global health, Kinzer is considered a leader and not a follower.”


– Dan Dixon, Chief Community Engagement Officer, Providence Health Services

childrens_hospital-logo“Children’s and Kinzer both believe that what we do starts with people. Their work for Children’s isn’t just about finding us property; Kinzer’s knowledge of how we work and how we want to grow supports our ability to offer the best care for our regions’s children”

– Dr. Tom Hansen, CEO (Retired), Seattle Children’s Hospital

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“I see Kinzer Partners as higher-end expertise with the ability to go broad or deep”


– Darren Toshi, Former Facilities Manager, Adobe Technologies


“The job they perform and the results they produce are phenomenal. Kinzer is simply the best at what they do.”


– Julie Humling, Site Operations Manager, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


“Kinzer is an extraordinarily effective group. Their integrity, intelligence and respectful approach to people from all sectors of the community make them the kind of professionals you’re proud to have representing you.”


– Bob Watt, Former CEO, Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

sound_transit-logo“The Kinzer team is different because they want to understand the client’s needs and their culture. The strategic direction is important, but the culture of the client tells you everything about what they need in terms of real estate.”

– Jan Hendrickson, Former CFO, Sound Transit

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maximum value

“Kinzer has the ability to tackle unique projects that require additional services, such as working with government agencies, navigating land use challenges, and creating strategies related to our competition. Kinzer knows how to identify meaningful financial metrics for our company and structure a deal to obtain the maximum value.”


– Jay Phillips, Former Director Corporate Facilities, Starbucks Corporation

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“The Kinzer team was remarkable in their commitment to finding us the right location, under the right circumstances. We couldn’t be happier.”


– David Rolf, President, SEIU 775


“I was consistently impressed with Kinzer's ability to take on very complex transactions, and come up with creative solutions that worked for all parties.”


– Frank Stagen, Former CEO, Nitze-Stagen & Company, Inc.

seattle_chamber_of_commerce-logo“I think that they are really unique in the market in their ability to move from public to private sector. They have great relationships and can make both complex and small projects happen.”

– Maud Daudon, President & CEO, Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

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"The Kinzer team has consistently exceeded our goals and expectations throughout all phases of the real estate process, including strategy development, creating market leverage, negotiating aggressively on our behalf and delivering comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analysis. I have the utmost trust that Kinzer has our best interest in mind at all times.”


– Dave Musselwhite, VP Finance and Administration, Princess Cruises


“In helping to create Safeco Field, Kinzer conducted a masterful program of acquisition and relocation that achieved a win-win in nearly every case.”


– Bob Wallore, Board Member, Safeco Field Public Facilities District

City of Seattle


"Working with the public sector--dealing with elected officials and community input--is quite different than working in the private sector. Kinzer has a successful track record in both, and very few do. Kinzer has a strong commitment to the community, which also sets them apart."


– Anne Levinson, Former Deputy Mayor, City of Seattle

marys_place-logo“To us, the Kinzer team is just love. They were the family that you needed to rely on when you didn’t have shelter on your own. They may be in the business of finding business owners a place to work and operate, but to us, they were the gift to thousands of families.”

– Marty Hartman, Director, Mary’s Place

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“The Kinzer team was very innovative, resulting in a creative win-win situation for everyone involved. Kinzer developed a great partnership with our organization – their knowledge of the market was invaluable and their approach was highly effective in supporting our mission.”


– Honorable Norm Rice, Former President and CEO, Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle


“I am so uniformly impressed with Kinzer's understanding of—and sensitivity to—the unique needs of public entities, as well as their effectiveness in achieving our stated goals. The firm is staffed with highly competent professionals, making each a pleasure to work with.”


– Robert Hoon, Real Estate Officer, Washington State University


“The Kinzer team knows the real estate market inside and out. Not only did Kinzer fully comprehend our perspective as a high-tech tenant, but they also understood the landlord’s limits. Kinzer Partners is a solid group of professionals who have earned my respect, my trust, and my business.”


– Rune Carlson, Former Controller, Fidesic Corporation

merriweather-logo“As a real estate attorney and a developer, I’ve worked with Kinzer for more than 15 years. I’m not aware of a more hard-working and effective team in the brokerage space.”

– Rob MacAulay, Former Principal, Meriwether Partners


"There is a world of difference between most brokers who talk a good game, and Kinzer Partners, who really performs more than promised; achieving extraordinary results."


– Bill Block, Attorney, Mad Boar Investments, LLC


“We enjoy partnering with Kinzer because they have a highly professional team that has the expertise to successfully navigate complex requirements. Kinzer differentiates itself by providing solutions and opportunities for their clients, not just a transaction.”


– Douglas O. Howe, President, Touchstone Corporation

teledesic-logo“Kinzer is much more than a brokerage firm that just focuses on transactions. When Kinzer is involved in a deal, they study your industry and then figure out the best real estate solution for your business—now and in the future—that’s true added value.”

– Russ Daggatt, Former CEO, Teledesic LLC