Moved in!

And now, to get organized. This past weekend, our brave Move Team taped up all of the boxes at 1191 Second Avenue, and met the movers at 801 Blanchard Street, Suite 200! After hours of stashing, sorting, filing, assembling, arranging, nail pounding, and calls to tech support, we were able to get everything in order enough to be fully operational on Monday morning. Not yet ready for an open house, we are still expecting deliveries and working on the finishing touches. The consensus is that the new Kinzer Partners home is fresh, modern, productive, and simply beautiful. We look forward to welcoming everyone to our new home!

Fridge stocked.
Fridge stocked (priorities).
Found the vacuum!
Found the vacuum…
Putting it all together
Some assembly required.
The boxes arrive
And the deliveries keep on coming…
The furniture too
Ready to unwrap!