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Alexander Muir

Alex Muir loves tall buildings. Matter of fact, he lives in one. In the office, he’s seen as quiet, methodical, dedicated, and deeply analytical. Away from the office, another Alex comes alive. To friends and family, he’s known for his urban lifestyle (he lives Downtown), fashion flair (check out the shoes), and passion for sports […]

Sharon O’Brien

She designs brochures, creates slide shows, produces presentations. She’s even known to write a few songs. Sharon O’Brien is a seasoned real estate pro with a strong creative and graphic arts background. After attending Northern Illinois University, the University of Idaho, and Boise State University, Sharon got her start in residential real estate sales more […]

Michelle Clingingsmith

For the past decade, she sat on the other side of the table. That gives her perspective that we treasure. Michelle got her start in commercial real estate while still an undergrad at Seattle Pacific University. For two years, she worked as an assistant property manager for a private landlord. More recently, she spent eight […]

Elizabeth Schalka

As a kid, Elizabeth was spirited, athletic, and highly competitive. What’s changed? She’s no longer a kid. Elizabeth grew up on or near the water. She was raised in Richmond Beach, a suburb of Seattle. And she spent summers and holidays on Lake Chelan or cruising the waters of the San Juan Islands. So it […]

Jacob Perez

He loves the law, finance, travel, and food. Not necessarily in that order. Jacob is our in-house attorney who also has a background in finance. He handles all of our internal and external contracts. In addition, he consults with Kinzer clients about projects that require a unique understanding of both law and taxes. He once […]

Adrienne Hunter

To call Adrienne an overachiever is an understatement. She works. She raises three kids. She skis. She lifts weights. She golfs with a low handicap. She consistently runs half-marathons. Earlier in life, she helped her rowing crew win three NCAA championships at the University of Washington. She won NCAA Academic All-American awards. She rowed on […]

Karina Fuentes

We hired Karina for her can-do spirit. We got her environmental passion in the bargain. This is Karina’s first job after college. So we imagined we would have to teach her some things about office life. Instead, she’s teaching us. She’s a natural at being organized and simply getting things done. As office coordinator, Karina […]

Tori Brewster

We have a treasure of the bookkeeping trade. At Kinzer, Tori Brewster has one job and she does it well. She handles all of our bookkeeping, an indispensable role at any successful business. Tori attended Mills College and the University of Washington, studying sociology and writing. With school behind her, Tori opened her own bookkeeping […]

Adam P. Brenneman

He not only knows Seattle real estate, he loves it. Adam Brenneman became enamored with real estate while he was an undergrad at the University of Washington. When his buddies would go out for pizza, Adam would go, too. But he’d frequently check out an open house or two on his way to the restaurant. […]

Tri Tran

There’s a rumor going around that Tri Tran has a calculator surgically attached to his wrist. True or not, Tri is a numbers guy, and a ten-key is never far from his hands. As Kinzer’s CFO, Tri’s job is to see everything through an accountant’s eye. Do the numbers add up? Does a real estate […]

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